My Anchor

At this point in my life, I have a multitude of things to be proud of and thankful for.  In spite of this, however, I have recently been reflecting on the fact that life as an adult is...pretty damn hard.  I am pointing this out for one reason only.  The single thing that anchors me when I think it might be getting TOO hard is my phenomenal partner in all of this. This ... [Continue Reading]


In honor of my husband's birth 32 years ago, I'd like to write a few words about why I think he's so great. In the last several years, exchanging gifts with him has changed quite a bit.  Turns out, you need money to buy presents...even those fabulous Pinteresty homemade ones cost money.  And wouldn't you know it, since becoming homeowners and parents, we don't exactly ... [Continue Reading]

Cut, glue, nail, repeat

I knew when I married my husband, that I was signing up for a garage full of expensive tools and countless simultaneous projects going at one time. I knew this because he had grown up with a father who insisted that his sons learn to, at the very least, tackle simple home improvement projects rather than pay someone to do them. Over the past few years of owning our first ... [Continue Reading]

Bilingual Momma

When I was in high school, my sister used to cheat off of me in Spanish. Taking a foreign language back then was a piece of cake. Then, I went to college and instead of continuing with Spanish, I decided to take Intro to American Sign Language. That also seemed like a breeze compared to the language I'm learning now...Jacklish. My son, Jack excels at many things. ... [Continue Reading]

Blessing in Disguise

Today was be the fourth consecutive day that I have taken the boys to their new "school" (daycare). I'd like to come clean and admit that I was absolutely dreading this week for the past several days mostly because there were so many unknowns. How was I going to get two kids from the car to their school? Should I attempt to carry them both? If not, who do I get first? ... [Continue Reading]

9 Lives

At work, I am always told to wait before replying to an email that makes me angry. This wait time is so that I can calm down and hopefully give nothing but the most professional and poised response. Usually in these cases, I write my reply anyway because it feels really good to get out what I'm truly feeling. This post is something of an outlet for my anger towards my ... [Continue Reading]

Jack loves his cars…

We all love to have fun at the Collins household.  Laughing is our preferred medicine.  One thing you should remember though is that having fun should not take work.  Being bored is a choice.  Next time you are bored, you should think like a two year old and make your own fun.  Be creative.  Use what you have.  Go nuts.  Think outside the box.  Put some Matchbox cars down ... [Continue Reading]

Giving Thanks

The holidays are a time to reflect on past traditions.  We anxiously anticipate certain rituals and dread others. As I get older, I'm realizing that things change when it comes to tradition.  There is a time for expecting the unexpected.  Since my first son was born, holidays have been a little bit different.  It is true when they say everything changes when you become a ... [Continue Reading]

Hello world!

Nine and a half years ago, when I met my husband, I had no idea what the word "blog" meant.  Today, I am still unsure of the meaning, but I have one nonetheless.  I have always considered myself a decent writer and have always thought that it is nice to talk and be heard.  So, if you are interested in how I feel about things, or want to have an inside perspective on my ... [Continue Reading]